about the book

Corben Crow craves adventure but his parents just don’t get it. They want him to grow up and join the crow commute like all the other crows. After a big fight with his father, Corben sets off alone to find adventure in the big city.

Along the way, he meets new friends (some feathered, some furry) who show him the wonders of the world beyond the crow commute.

But adventure might not be all its cracked up to be. When an old enemy darkens the sky, will Corben be able to find his way home again?

Packed full of vibrant illustrations by Amy Knill, Corben and the Crow Commute will delight children ages 7+ and is sure to keep adults entertained as well!

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  • Book Warehouse (4118 Main St., Vancouver)
  • Book Warehouse (632 West Broadway, Vancouver)
  • Phoenix Books (Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver)
  • Iron Dog Books (2671 East Hastings St., Vancouver)
  • Massy Books (229 East Georgia St., Vancouver)

“This is such a fun book! The story is engaging – funny and adventurous and relatable – and for BC readers there are so many wonderful and familiar locations explored. The ending is so satisfying, and the illustrations bring it all vividly to life.”

N+S, Amazon Review

“Corben and the Crow Commute is a lovely middle grade story… The illustrations are beautiful and fun, and perfectly capture the characters. Although intended for a middle grade audience, it is equally enjoyable for adults! It has changed my opinion on crows and made me look at them differently in my everyday life.”

Sonia Nicholson, Goodreads Review